The forest contributes to
climate smart

The Peter Marsh Group has an Environmental Management System in place which since 2004 has been certified against the international standard ISO 14001.

Since its introduction, the usage of electricity, gas and water against production levels has been reduced year on year. All our paper used in the production of our sacks comes from sustainable forests and is certified for food use.

Similarly, our Packaging Division uses mainly recycled materials in its processes. All our products can be recycled.

We have our own baling system here at Peter Marsh, where all our waste is baled and sent to be pulped and remade into paper.

Plastic V Paper

There continues to be a significant improvement of
environmental footprint of paper sacks. Check out the article

Carbon uptake and release during one forest generation
(Image: Billeruid Korsnas)

More birdfeed mixes are now being packaged in paper sacks rather than plastic bags and tubs. If you are looking to move from your usual plastic packaging and be more environmentally friendly like our friends at Eyebrook Wild Bird Feeds, then do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

For more information on their move from plastic to paper packaging, check out their blog here;

At Peter Marsh Group we are dedicated to the manufacture of quality packaging. All orders can be customised and specialised to suit your packaging needs and our sales team are on hand to take your call and discuss your requirements.


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