At The Peter Marsh Group we manufacture paper sacks for many different industries and applications. Our core business is with the UK Food, Flour and Feed industries but we also supply sacks for plants, roses, football kits, potatoes and chemicals. All of the paper used in our sack production come from sustainable forests and is certified for food use.

Our Range

Roll bottom sacks are widely used in the Food and Flour industries with the facility of an “easy open” bottom. These sacks can reduce the risk of contamination from stitching string at the bakery or food production unit. Also, due to the airtight nature of a roll bottom closure, they are also for applications where the product needs to be protected from moisture or if the product has a high fat content.

Block bottom sacks can be used for most applications and are ideal for products or ingredients where the whole bag is not used in one go. Due to the flat nature of the bottom these sacks stand squarely and safely on the floor. Block bottom sack perform well with lower density products and maximise all the available capacity of the sack.

Stitched sacks are mainly used in the animal feed and potato/root crop sectors. As well standard stitched sacks we also manufacture sacks with stitched in handles perfect for smaller pack sizes (10kg) for sale in retail outlets and cash and carry’s.

Valve sacks are often used in industrial applications and remove the need for stitching at the customers packing line. Valve sacks need to be matched to the product density to aid sealing of the sack and also require a specific valve packing line. This makes the use of these sacks more specialised

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