£2 million refurbishment well underway

A month ago today, on June 4th, the demolitions and rebuild of one of our main storage units on Canal Street began. A building that stood proud for 65 years and served the Peter Marsh Group loyally until its final days took just one short weekend to become a pile of rubble. The pictures on this post show where the building once stood and the diggers busy at work tearing up the old slab and getting the ground ready for its replacement.

This is the largest investment the company has undertaken in its 180 year long history and will help secure the future of the business for generations to come. The business will benefit from the understanding and cooperation of its long-standing and loyal customers and will continue to deliver a high quality service – it will be business as usual.    

We will endeavour to keep you updated as the project moves on but for more information on the works being undertaken and what it means for our employees, the local community and Bootle as an area please see the following articles on Converter Magazine and Farm Business